Is It Possible To Tow A 4×4 Vehicle?

Yes, but not in the same way as an ordinary car. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, read this post, as it could save you time and money!

4×4 transmission vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, even to the point that even some small cars have such a transmission. However, a detail that sellers sometimes fail to mention is that it is not always possible to tow them in the usual way. This is information that could save you a lot of money because as everyone knows, a broken transmission can be very expensive to repair.

4×4 transmission types

4×4 transmissions cannot withstand regular towing, that is, the front wheels raised and the rear wheels on the ground.

But since there are several subcategories of SUVs, there are also many ways to tow these vehicles. Indeed, there are regular 4×2 / 4×4, permanent and semi-permanent, and also ordinary 4×4, permanent and semi-permanent. These may be cars, SUVs or vehicles designed for off-road riding.

The best way to know if your 4×4 vehicle can be towed, and if so, in what way, is to check in the user’s manual or call the manufacturer of your vehicle.

The different towing techniques

Here are the different techniques used for towing different types of 4×4:

On two wheels

Depending on the type of transmission, it may be possible to tow the vehicle with the front wheels raised and the rear wheels on the ground for a regular car. It is also possible to keep the front wheels on the ground and rear wheels raised.

On the other hand, these two ways of doing things are not interchangeable, so make sure you know your type of transmission. In addition, it is advisable not to make long trips towing on two wheels and not to drive at high speed.

On four wheels

If your vehicle is designed to be towed on all four wheels, you can pull it with straps or tow ropes attached to the anchor points of the vehicle (for a short distance).

This type of 4×4 is often used as an add-on vehicle by RV enthusiasts because it can be towed behind the recreational vehicle without damaging the transmission and without accumulating mileage.

No towing possible

Some 4×4 vehicles can only be moved on a flatbed trailer with all four wheels locked. They simply cannot be pulled, whether on two or four wheels.

If you do not have access to a flatbed trailer, it is possible to tow the vehicle with a tow truck Palm Bay that lifts the front or rear of the vehicle and placing the other two wheels on a dolly to prevent them from touching the ground.

A professional towing expert should know this information, but you should not take risks and check your manual to be sure of the safest way to tow your 4×4.