8 Services Offered By Towing Companies

Towing companies are often very versatile and do more than just towing damaged cars!

Here are some services that might be very useful to you someday:

1. Tire change/repair

If you have a flat tire, but do not know how to install a spare one, an expert from a reliable towing company can do it for you. If you do not have a spare tire, it will take you to the garage of your choice, or even to your home if you wish.

2. Fuel delivery

Out of gas? No problem! Do not risk your safety by walking on the side of the road, but instead call a towing service. Some offer to come and deliver a small amount of gas that will allow you to continue your journey to the nearest gas station.

3. Vehicle lockout

Who has not already left his keys in the car? If this happens to you, a lockout expert will come to open your door without a problem, as they are equipped with appropriate tools.

4. Stranded vehicles

If you’ve got stuck in mud, snow, or fallen into a ditch with your vehicle, then a towing company can help you get out of it, as they are equipped with a winch to pull the vehicle out and on the right path.

5. Battery boost

During extreme cold, many motorists cannot get their cars started because of a battery that no longer responds. If no one around you has overhead cables, call a tow company.

6. Minor repairs

Some repairs can be made on-site rather than towing your car to the garage. Tow truck drivers are also often mechanics.

7. Recreational vehicle towing

Your ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and motorized vehicles can also be towed if they break down and you are unable to move them.

8. Specialized towing

There is also a variety of specialized towing services, including:

1.  Heavy and non-standard vehicles

2.  Luxury cars and limousines;

3.  Boat transport;

4.  Emergency vehicles;

5.  Buses and big motorized.

Other services

Police forces, governments, municipalities, and private companies also have agreements with towing companies for certain services. For example:

1.  Accident scene clean-up and spill recovery.

2.  Towing of seized cars.

3.  Righting overturned trucks.

4.  Impound service.

5.  Towing or moving vehicles during maintenance or snow removal periods.

6.  Towing parked cars on private land.

7.  Delivery of new cars.

8.  Transport of heavy equipment.

Who would’ve believed that! Now that you know it, you will never be caught off guard!