Is It Possible To Tow A 4×4 Vehicle?

Yes, but not in the same way as an ordinary car. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, read this post, as it could save you time and money!

4×4 transmission vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, even to the point that even some small cars have such a transmission. However, a detail that sellers sometimes fail to mention is that it is not always possible to tow them in the usual way. This is information that could save you a lot of money because as everyone knows, a broken transmission can be very expensive to repair.

4×4 transmission types

4×4 transmissions cannot withstand regular towing, that is, the front wheels raised and the rear wheels on the ground.

But since there are several subcategories of SUVs, there are also many ways to tow these vehicles. Indeed, there are regular 4×2 / 4×4, permanent and semi-permanent, and also ordinary 4×4, permanent and semi-permanent. These may be cars, SUVs or vehicles designed for off-road riding.

The best way to know if your 4×4 vehicle can be towed, and if so, in what way, is to check in the user’s manual or call the manufacturer of your vehicle.

The different towing techniques

Here are the different techniques used for towing different types of 4×4:

On two wheels

Depending on the type of transmission, it may be possible to tow the vehicle with the front wheels raised and the rear wheels on the ground for a regular car. It is also possible to keep the front wheels on the ground and rear wheels raised.

On the other hand, these two ways of doing things are not interchangeable, so make sure you know your type of transmission. In addition, it is advisable not to make long trips towing on two wheels and not to drive at high speed.

On four wheels

If your vehicle is designed to be towed on all four wheels, you can pull it with straps or tow ropes attached to the anchor points of the vehicle (for a short distance).

This type of 4×4 is often used as an add-on vehicle by RV enthusiasts because it can be towed behind the recreational vehicle without damaging the transmission and without accumulating mileage.

No towing possible

Some 4×4 vehicles can only be moved on a flatbed trailer with all four wheels locked. They simply cannot be pulled, whether on two or four wheels.

If you do not have access to a flatbed trailer, it is possible to tow the vehicle with a tow truck Palm Bay that lifts the front or rear of the vehicle and placing the other two wheels on a dolly to prevent them from touching the ground.

A professional towing expert should know this information, but you should not take risks and check your manual to be sure of the safest way to tow your 4×4.

10 Signs Of A Reliable Towing Company

Roads are more vulnerable today than they were ever before. Everybody seems to be in a rush and this hastiness leads to road accidents. With so much happening on the roads every day, it becomes important for everybody to have contact details of a reliable towing company. But then, the question arises as to what factors make a towing company reliable. Well, this is what we are going to discuss today – 10 signs of a reliable towing company, so pay attention to what follows next.  

Customer Reviews

If you have no idea about towing companies, then the best way to start looking for one is via customer reviews. Check the reviews and feedback given to the company by its customers and based on that, you can analyze if the company is worth giving a try or not. When it comes to customer reviews, there is a ‘too good to be true’ factor, which you need to keep in mind. If you find that the company has received only ‘5-star reviews’, then it is possible that most of those reviews are fake. So, make sure that the company has got a mix of reviews, with an inclination over to the positive reviews.

Full Fee Disclosure

You should take the help of a towing company, which is ready to explain the towing fees beforehand. Basically, what you need to look for is whether the company is transparent and honest with its approach or not. If it is, then you should definitely take help from them.

Licenses & Insurance

Make sure that the company is insured and has a valid license to carry out the towing task.

Employee Drug Testing

The towing company should only employ drivers who are drug-free because if they are habitual of taking drugs, then that may lead to whole new trouble for you in case you get your vehicle towed from them. Moreover, the employees need to be qualified, trained, responsible and capable of providing safe towing services.

Background Checks

A reliable towing company will always do background checks on their employees in order to be sure that no one in their company is from a criminal background.

Employee Driving Records

A towing company must check the driving records of its employees whether they all possess a valid driver’s license and an unblemished record.  

Certifications for Drivers

A towing company must ask their employees for certifications from their tow truck Mt Vernon drivers in order to be sure that they have hired the right people for the job.

Vehicle Security

A towing company needs to have an around-the-clock monitoring system for all of its towed vehicles, as it prevents vehicles from getting stolen or vandalized.

Large Fleet & Sufficient Equipment

A reliable towing service will have a large fleet of different types of vehicles for carrying out different towing jobs. Along with that, the company should have all the necessary equipment to ensure fast and safe towing of vehicles.

GPS Systems

Having a GPS system allows a towing company to constantly monitor their vehicles whether they have reached the assigned spot on time or not. Moreover, GPS systems installed on tow trucks will allow them to identify the routes with minimum traffic in order to reach the spot where the client has been stranded for several minutes.

8 Services Offered By Towing Companies

Towing companies are often very versatile and do more than just towing damaged cars!

Here are some services that might be very useful to you someday:

1. Tire change/repair

If you have a flat tire, but do not know how to install a spare one, an expert from a reliable towing company can do it for you. If you do not have a spare tire, it will take you to the garage of your choice, or even to your home if you wish.

2. Fuel delivery

Out of gas? No problem! Do not risk your safety by walking on the side of the road, but instead call a towing service. Some offer to come and deliver a small amount of gas that will allow you to continue your journey to the nearest gas station.

3. Vehicle lockout

Who has not already left his keys in the car? If this happens to you, a lockout expert will come to open your door without a problem, as they are equipped with appropriate tools.

4. Stranded vehicles

If you’ve got stuck in mud, snow, or fallen into a ditch with your vehicle, then a towing company can help you get out of it, as they are equipped with a winch to pull the vehicle out and on the right path.

5. Battery boost

During extreme cold, many motorists cannot get their cars started because of a battery that no longer responds. If no one around you has overhead cables, call a tow company.

6. Minor repairs

Some repairs can be made on-site rather than towing your car to the garage. Tow truck drivers are also often mechanics.

7. Recreational vehicle towing

Your ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and motorized vehicles can also be towed if they break down and you are unable to move them.

8. Specialized towing

There is also a variety of specialized towing services, including:

1.  Heavy and non-standard vehicles

2.  Luxury cars and limousines;

3.  Boat transport;

4.  Emergency vehicles;

5.  Buses and big motorized.

Other services

Police forces, governments, municipalities, and private companies also have agreements with towing companies for certain services. For example:

1.  Accident scene clean-up and spill recovery.

2.  Towing of seized cars.

3.  Righting overturned trucks.

4.  Impound service.

5.  Towing or moving vehicles during maintenance or snow removal periods.

6.  Towing parked cars on private land.

7.  Delivery of new cars.

8.  Transport of heavy equipment.

Who would’ve believed that! Now that you know it, you will never be caught off guard!

What is the AAA?

The American Automobile Association (pronounced AAA – “Triple-A”) is a federation of motor clubs throughout the United States. AAA is a privately run non-profit national member association and service organization with 58 million members in the United States and Canada AAA provides roadside assistance and other services to its members. It has its national headquarters in Heathrow, Florida.


The American Automobile Association (“AAA” or “Triple-A”) was founded on March 4, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois, when, in response to a lack of suitable roads and highways for motorists, a total of nine motor clubs formed in Triple-A, 4 members banded together. Those individual motor clubs included the Chicago Automobile Club, the American Automobile Club, the New Jersey Automobile Club, and others joined the Automobile Club of Buffalo.

Augustus Post, the original founder of the American Automobile Association, is driving his 1905 white steamer at the New York City Parade. The background includes Mark Twain’s house, Stanton Sickles on the left of the passenger and a Tamani Hall politician on the right.
In 9, the first American automobile company merged with the American Motor League under the direction of Augusta Post, the first chairman of the AAA.

The first AAA road map was published in 3. Hotel guides began printing in AAA17. Triple-A began the School Safety Patrol program in 1920, the organization’s first driver safety program, which provided materials with badges to local schools and trained ID cards and organized students into a patrol force. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which conducts research on the safety of motorists, was founded in ১৯৪১৯৪। as a separate entity.

The AAA formed a racing board on the Long Island, New York, to conduct the Vanderbilt Cup International Automobile Race in 12 and later became the Competition Board. The Racing Board approves the Indianapolis 500 and offers national racing championships on 1, 16, 1––41, and 1–55. After the Le Mans disaster in the 5th, the AAA decided that auto racing deviates from its primary goals and the United States Automobile Club was formed to seek UN approval. In 2005, the AAA re-entered racing as a sponsor of ISC-owned tracks. At 25, AAA Racing expanded when it announced a three-year commitment to sponsor Russian racing’s No. 1 car at NASCAR Nextel Circuit.

AAA 50th Anniversary Issued in 1952 Promotes US Stamp School Safety Patrol.
In 1935, the AAA published a first-course outline sportsman driving for high school teachers. In 1936 AAA released the first driver education curriculum (known as sportsman driving, now known as responsible driving) for use in high schools. AAA has updated its driver training courses year-round, and many clubs currently offer their own driving schools or work with other agencies to provide AAA driving courses.

Vehicles Calling Dangers for Pedestrian, In 19 AAA started a pedestrian safety program with a grant from the Automotive Safety Foundation. The AAA commissioned and published a comprehensive study of pedestrian safety in order to reduce pedestrian casualties and injuries (1). The AAA’s pedestrian safety program began in 733737 and focuses nationally on pedestrian safety needs, recognizing cities, counties, and states who have demonstrated successful pedestrian safety programs.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Protection was established as a separate entity in 1944 in and continues to study traffic and pedestrian safety.

The AAA also served the US government during the war. In the 1940s, the AAA server to the Advisory Commission of the Council of National Defense in the hope of being involved with World War II. AAA President Thomas P. Henry was appointed a consultant on the Defense Council’s transportation unit, and the AAA promised assets, including information about the highway, in its National Defense planning effort, as it did during World War I.

The decline in production due to the war has increased the need to store in automobiles and their related products. AAA’s efforts on conservation include helping to create synthetic rubber in anticipation of war-related tire/rubber shortages, calling on carmakers to reduce their driving speed to conserve fuel (1942); And support in the promotion of a scrap rubber (1942). In 1944, the AAA’s Keeping Rolling Campaign sponsored a cross-country tour that featured cars equipped with synthetic tires. Tours have demonstrated the reliability of synthetic rubber tires. ANA had the advantage of mapping the army to assist the military in its pursuit of war; Driven Motor Pool Driver Education (1943); Received an order from the War Production Board that stopped the sale of some anti-freeze solutions harmful to the motor (1943); Undertakes a campaign to eliminate the growing shortage of auto mechanics (1943); Observed Tire and Petrol Ration (1943); And established a training program (1944) for veterans of artificial limbs with the assistance of the Red Cross and military hospitals.

Tips for Buying an Automobile

Everyone can use the tips for buying a car. You may have a few cars ahead and learn about automobiles. However, there are some things you don’t know about cars and can use some information from someone else.

A good time is needed to buy a car. There is really time to buy a car. Do it when new models start coming to the dealership.

This happens between August and November. When you go to car-shopping at this time you are sure to get new models. Don’t let salespeople suppress their sales pitches to buy something you’re not sure.

Tell them which model you are looking for. Then they can do their best to persuade you to impress. These sales agents need not simply accept persuasive capabilities.

Never allow yourself to be pressured into buying a car. You can ask agents about the models they don’t advertise. If you are a techie, run the Internet for models you are interested in or for car buying tips.

To protect yourself from scandal, do not present yourself as a potential victim. Just visit the trusted websites and only negotiate the best prices choose Usually, prices are negotiable, so once you get to the dealership you are ready to negotiate.

There is also a decent time to buy a car, which is on weekdays. Most people who want to buy a car at the weekend go to the dealership. Avoid crowds and go at a time when customers are low, agents can focus on your concerns; This is another of those useful tips for buying a car.